Write, Write, Write!

Write, write, write!After a long sabbatical while getting used to being a new mom, I’m back!

Writing is the path to many of my goals. My new Try It For 21 challenge is to write at least 1,000 words every day for the next 21 days.

One thing I never run out of are things to write. Here are some things I may write in the next 21 days:

  • Book copy
  • Blog posts
  • Blog comments
  • Journaling
  • Goals
  • Affirmations
  • Thank you notes
  • Newsletter articles
  • Gratitude list
  • Twitter tweets
  • LinkedIn status updates
  • Facebook updates
  • Website content
  • Emails

I’ve been intimidated to do this challenge for a long time, because I know it will be a lot of work (even tougher now with a six-month old reaching for the keyboard). I have a feeling that this challenge is going to be life-changing.

What is something you’ve been wanting to write? What’s stopping you? Pick a daily word count goal, and get writing! Everything counts.

The word count on this blog post is only 97 114 172 words, I’d better get going on my book!


Garbage Day

garbageToday is garbage day at my house. We had a full can plus lots of bags of recycling. It’s been easy for me to throw things out this week. We are redecorating the house in preparation for the baby on the way, so we’re generating a lot of garbage. Yesterday I broke down boxes and threw away old fixtures. I went through under-the-bathroom-sink stuff and got rid of lots of stuff I haven’t used in years.

Sometimes it helps to target a specific area of the house when doing a 21-toss. Today I’m going to work in the office-soon-to-be-baby-room and see how much I can toss out there. What a wonderful example of getting rid of things to make room for new. By moving the office to the basement, and getting rid of things along the way, I’ll have a beautiful space for our baby to sleep.

What are you making room for today?

Need some inspiration? Last week was National Procrastination Week, so this week you can stop that! Are you still procrastinating? Check out this video of why we procrastinate, and then get moving! It doesn’t help to wait for circumstances to be perfect. It’s important to just get started!


Did It Now List

Sometimes I get to the end of the day and wonder what it is that I got done. My To Do list seems to go on forever. As I try to get one thing done, five more things might get added to the list.

What I like about the Do it Now challenge is that I’m doing some of the smaller things quicker and the bigger ones seem to get done too.

I’ve always kept a To Do list, but the last few days I’ve also been keeping a “Did It Now” list. At the end of the day I write down what I accomplished. It feels good to get to the end of the day and see in black and white what I’ve done.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve done so far, big and small:

  • Customer website updates
  • Pulled a snail off of a window
  • Called 2 potential customers
  • Took out garbage
  • Dishes
  • Took a leisurely drive down Routes 5 & 20
  • Rented movies
  • Killed flies
  • Created a lightbox for a customer
  • Learned more about WordPress
  • Designed a customer website
  • Went to church

Now it’s your turn. What will be on your “I Did It Now” list at the end of the day today?