positive thinking

Domino Effect

Try It For 21I’ve noticed a domino effect over the past 20 days. I’ve been telling everyone about my 21-day challenge of no complaining and no gossiping.

Here’s the typical response I get when I first tell someone what I’m doing:

  1. A blank look
  2. Some nervous laughter
  3. A contemplative look
  4. A statement like: “I’m not sure I could do that!”
  5. Stories about how complaining & gossiping has negatively impacted their life.
  6. A resolve to try it out.

Something else that happens: they immediately stop complaining and gossiping. At least for a moment.

The next time I run into them, they ask me how the challenge is going, and tell me they’ve told someone else about it. This is just an example that when we choose to think and act with integrity, we give the opportunity to those around us to do the same.

New challenge coming up tomorrow!