positive thinking

Don't I have the right to complain?

Try It For 21I’ve noticed that every time I think about complaining, and remember that I’ve committed to not complaining, it forces my brain to think differently. More specifically, it boils everything down to two choices:

  1. Accept the situation exactly as it is; or
  2. Take an action to change the situation that does not require expecting someone else to also act.

Here’s an example. I used to get mad every time my husband didn’t take out the garbage. My old reaction was to complain that he didn’t do what I wanted him to do. This would make him defensive, and me feel mean as I was complaining. Without the option to complain, here are my choices:

  1. Be grateful that we have so much abundance that we’ve generated garbage and leave it to rot; or
  2. Take out the garbage, while at the same time dropping the expectation that my husband should take out the garbage.

Notice, that only MY attitude and MY action changed here. The difference this makes is enormous. I’m happy that the garbage is out of the house, and I have not created a second issue regarding another person that may or may not care if the garbage is in or outside of the house. Everyone is happier.

More later on how changing our thoughts, words, and actions can have a domino effect on changing the thoughts, words, and actions of those around us…