Garbage Day

garbageToday is garbage day at my house. We had a full can plus lots of bags of recycling. It’s been easy for me to throw things out this week. We are redecorating the house in preparation for the baby on the way, so we’re generating a lot of garbage. Yesterday I broke down boxes and threw away old fixtures. I went through under-the-bathroom-sink stuff and got rid of lots of stuff I haven’t used in years.

Sometimes it helps to target a specific area of the house when doing a 21-toss. Today I’m going to work in the office-soon-to-be-baby-room and see how much I can toss out there. What a wonderful example of getting rid of things to make room for new. By moving the office to the basement, and getting rid of things along the way, I’ll have a beautiful space for our baby to sleep.

What are you making room for today?

Need some inspiration? Last week was National Procrastination Week, so this week you can stop that! Are you still procrastinating? Check out this video of why we procrastinate, and then get moving! It doesn’t help to wait for circumstances to be perfect. It’s important to just get started!